10+ Job Rejection Letter – Example, Sample, Format Template

Rejection is the integral part of both the life and also of the job application as we face many rejections from the job before we could actually land up at our dream job. Having the rejection is fine as long as it doesn’t break the person from inside.

So, today we are going to discuss the topic of job rejection letter along with its various aspects. We would talk about the several kinds of the job rejection letter and also will discuss about the ideal ways of writing, and delivering the job rejection letters to the job applicants.

Job Application Rejection Letter Sample

As we know that the job application letter is the most basic letter which is sent by the job seekers to the employment company in order to make an application for the job. After the job application letter is received the interview session comes next but there are the majority of the job applicants whose job application letter is discarded by the employment company.

Job Application Rejection Letter Sample 

In that case, the job rejection letter is addressed by the employment company to the candidate so that the candidate may at least have the responsibility of his/her job application letter. This job rejection letter is meant to be used by the employer only and you can get the sample of this job application rejection letter from here.

Proposal Job Rejection Letter

What we generally see that any candidate who is seeking the job makes an application to the employment company in order to have the job and after the application, the candidate is asked for the interview session next. Although there may be the cases when any employment company may directly make a proposal to any candidate for offering the job to that concerned candidate.

Proposal Job Rejection Letter 

Now it is the wish of that candidate that he/she may accept this job proposal letter of the company or accept it. In case if the candidate rejects the job proposal then it is in good practice a rejection letter to the company should be written to the company rejecting such proposal of the company.

This proposal job rejection letter let the company know about the intention of the candidate in a friendly manner. We are here offering you with this proposal job rejection letter, which you can use to reject the job proposal of any company as ordered to you.

How To Write a Rejection Letter

Well, the job rejection letter is undoubtedly the harsh letter which is addressed to any candidate who was willing to work with the concerned employment company but due to some reasons, the company might not be interested in hiring such candidate.

How to Write a Rejection Letter

This is when the company chooses to write the job rejection letter to the candidate, so that the candidate may have the responsibility of the job application letter to the company.

Here are some of the points which should be kept in mind while writing this job rejection letter to the candidate.

  • The very first point the rejection letter should be written to the candidate within the certain time frame so that it doesn’t waste the much precious time of the candidate.
  • Use the soft, gracious and clear language to communicate the job rejection to the candidate so that the candidate could get the rejection in the direct yet in the positive way.
  • In the rejection of letter from the employer’s point of view it is the safer choice to be non specific when it comes to providing the reason of rejection to the employee.
  • Wish the candidate all the best for the future prospective and also make a welcome offer to make an application in the future opening from the employment company.

Job Offer Rejection Letter Due To Personal Reasons

Job offer rejection letter is the letter in which any candidate who has been offered a job by any employment company rejects such job offer of the company due to some personal reasons.

Job Offer Rejection Letter Due to Personal Reasons 

We understand that not any candidate, who is seeking for the job won’t like to reject any offer of the job, but sometimes there may persist the situations which may not allow the candidate to accept such job offer of the company.

In such case it becomes the duty of the candidate to write the rejection letter to the company in a polite and the friendly way so that there could remain a better relationship between the company and the job candidate. You can get this job rejection letter due to personal reason from here.

Polite Business Rejection Letter

A business rejection letter is used when any party has ordered an offer of doing the business with such party but you don’t get interested in accepting such business offer of the party due to any reason.

Sample Denial Letter

This is when the polite business rejection letter is used by the business owner to the other business party which offered the business offer.

Polite Business Rejection Letter , Sample Denial Letter

This polite business rejection letter uses very polite language to communicate the rejection in such a way, that it won’t affect the business relationships of both the parties. You can get this Polite business rejection letter from here and use in your business.

Rejection Letter Before Interview

Rejection Letter Before Interview

Well, what we generally know and see that only after the interview of the candidate it is decided that whether the candidate is going to be chosen for the particular job profile or not.

In some other cases, it may become the scenario that the employment company may reject any candidate even before the interview round and this is when this rejection letter before the interview is used.

This letter has very soft language that it uses to convey such rejection to the candidate before the interview. You can grab this rejection letter before interview from here.

Applicant Rejection Letter After Interview

There come to the plenty of the students who apply for the job and take the interview conducted by the employment company, but we know that not all of the candidates who take the interview qualify for the job placement.

Applicant Rejection Letter After Interview 

This is when this Applicant rejection letter after interview is used by the company. In this letter the company conveys the news to all those candidates, who took the interview but couldn’t qualify for the job placement. We have provided this letter in this section of our article.

Job Rejection Letter Sample To Employer

We generally see that it is the employment company which rejects the job application of any candidate who applied for the job with the company but it is not the case always.

Job Rejection Letter Sample To Employer

Sometimes even any candidate may also reject the job offer which is ordered to the candidate by any employer and in such case, the job rejection letter sample is written to the employer.

In this letter, any candidate or person communicates the rejection for the job as offered to the candidate by the employer. This job rejection letter sample to an employer is available here.

Job Rejection Email

Job Rejection Email

Sample Letter Declining a Job After Accepting it

There could be a scenario, when any candidate may reject or decline the job after accepting it due to some personal or immediate reasons of the candidate.

Sample Letter Declining a Job After Accepting it

Well, the candidate may decline to work with the company but in this regard, the candidate is supposed to write the letter to the company and this letter is known as the Letter Declining a job after accepting it. You can get the sample of this letter from here and use in your own purpose.